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Group wants added routes to Augusta transit system


If you're looking to take the bus to the Augusta Mall or Regional Airport right now, you'd be out of luck. But if one group gets their way, that route could be a reality.

"There was actually some data showing us we should be expanding the system," said Denice Traina.

Traina oversees transit issues for the Augusta Interfaith Coalition, a group that encompasses the bus riding citizens that stood up at tonight's Commission meeting to ask to be part of the discussion as Augusta looks for a new transportation operator.

"It's an exciting place to live in," she said. "But we lack that one amenity that businesses and residents look for."

Commissioners agree, and say they're looking for additional services in their next provider.

"We are looking for extended service and expanded service," said Commissioner Alvin Mason. "That gets one from point "A" to point "B" in this county in a timely fashion, on time."

One issue still on the table is whether or not bus services will be run by the city or contracted out to another provider, an issue commissioners hope doesn't bog down Interfaith's main concern.

"I'm not so interested whether we run it inside or outside," said Mason. "But I am interested in making sure we have the services necessary for our citizens."

With the clock ticking down until Mobility's current transit contract with the city is terminated, concerned bus riders are hoping they're not in for a rough ride.

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