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Match Day 2013 comes to GRU

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Match Day 2013 arrived with some pretty colorful medical students finding out where they'd be heading to serve their residencies.
Nandini Setia came as Luigi, I think.
"Well I am Luigi from Mario Kart, not to be confused with the other Luigis in the audience," she explained.
She's in for a change of the weather, and a 15 hour drive to Beantown.
"I actually lived in Manhattan for four or five years," she said. "That's actually what I wanted. Boston was my first choice."
But why all of the costumes?
"Every year GRU has a theme, I think last year was cartoon characters," she said. "And so we pretty much dress however we want. We all come here just to celebrate everyone's success."
And she certainly is thrilled about her own success.
"I am so excited. It has worked out amazingly. I feel so lucky. I couldn't be happier."
And as for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle everyone kept seeing? No, he's not really Donatello or Michaelangelo, but he is a pretty triumphant future doctor.
"I was super excited today because I found out I matched to my top two places. Both are great programs, great medical centers. I'm super stoked!"
They may have looked pretty silly today, but these young students are our future surgeons, and pediatricians, hitting another milestone in their budding careers.

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