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TSA changes worries travelers


Pretty soon it might be a little easier to get through security at the airport. The TSA is making changes to the banned items list which has many travelers concerned at Augusta Regional Airport.  

Elissa Fralicks was shocked to hear the news about the upcoming changes to the TSA regulations. Right now, the guidelines at airport security restrict any type of sharp objects or club-like items.

"I think it's always going to be too soon to let knives and stuff like that back on planes," said Fralicks.  "I'm already nervous enough traveling on planes and knowing that people have pocket knives like that I don't think I'll be traveling very often."

The relaxed rules that go into effect next month will allow knives that do no lock with blades 2.4 inches or smaller as well as sporting gear to be carried onto planes.

"I still think it's a dicey situation," said Dr. Charles Goodman, Jr.  

"I think that they pose a threat to the passengers as well as the crew," said John Sween.

However for some, it's mainly the knife that has people worried not the entire list.

"The golf clubs is a different story because my husband plays golf for a living so traveling with golf clubs is important," said Fralicks.  

"I'm glad to see we are trying to make some concessions. It's been almost 12 years since 9/11," said Goodman.

Perhaps timing is everything but according to the TSA, these changes are to allow their officers to better focus on higher threat items.

For information log onto the TSA website: http://www.tsa.gov

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