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City preps for St. Patrick's Day celebration


Only a few days before St. Patrick's Day and the city is already making adjustments after last year's crowd left downtown a mess.   

"Last year was crazy, a lot of people came out and had a great time," said Bobby Morrison, owner of Metro Coffeehouse and Pub and Whiskey Bar Kitchen. 

A great time was certainly evident after last year's St. Patrick's Day festivities died down. The streets were filled with cups, bottles and an overwhelming amount of trash.

"It was pretty well trashed. I mean we had lots of people, lots of trash left over that we were not prepared for," said City Administrator Fred Russell.  

"Sunday was the day after obviously and the cleaning crews weren't out so there was a big mess downtown that we had to endure until Monday," said Morrison.  

Even though the holiday falls on Sunday this year, the festivities will still be held on Saturday.  The city is taking extra precaution to not have the same issue again this year.

"We learned our lesson last year and we will be prepared to deal with the overflow and the trash," said Russell.

Russell said parade organizers and park and recreation services will be helping with trash pickup.  Even extra trash cans and dumpsters will be placed throughout the city.

According to Morrison, even most of the local businesses are prepared to pitch in.

"I think it's going to be up to the individual businesses to do their part to clean up the sidewalks and the areas around their businesses," said Morrison. "Especially the bars and the restaurants and hopefully the city can lend a hand and get a crew out here to clean up."

Efforts that will hopefully make the city a little greener on St. Patrick's Day.

 The downtown St. Patrick's Day celebration will begin Saturday at 2 p.m.

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