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Local universities begin to see impact of sequestration

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It's been one week since the sequestration deadline and local universities like Georgia Regents University and Paine College are already starting to see its impact.

Mark Hamrick, Senior Vice President for Research at Georgia Regents University, said there are concerns among students, scientists, and researchers.

"That's the fear that they that see this is not long term, a viable enterprise," said Hamrick.

A week following the sequester deadline, GRU now knows it could face a five to ten percent reduction from an $80 million research fund.

A harsh reality that Hamrick said will impact research stipends for graduate students as well as limit the amount of resources and materials for med students during summer research programs.

"It has far reaching implications not only for the research that we do to improve the quality of life for our patients but also impacts our students as well," said Hamrick.  

However, it's not just GRU students that will be affected by the research cuts. Brandon Brown, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Paine College, said they will have to make changes to one of their summer enrichment programs.

"We tentatively expected that budget to be reduced so we may have to limit the amount of students we serve this summer," said Brown. "So anywhere from $3,000 to $200,000 could be cut out of that particular program this year."

Despite these challenges, officials at both universities said they are prepared to manage.

"We work with what we have and we still produce a good product," said Brown.  

"We just need to be as crafty as we can in terms of moving things forward," said Hamrick.

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