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NWS: Residents had no warning a tornado was ripping through area

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When an EF1 tornado raged through Glascock County Tuesday night many people could only hold onto each other and hope for the best.

National Weather Service officials say the tornado didn't register on their radar because it was low level and fast moving.

So families such as the Newsomes had no warning before a tornado slammed into their home. 

The Newsomes were forced out of their house after the tornado cut through their property.

Edward Newsome says he's glad to still be here after the close call.

"We heard what sounded like a freight train coming and they were screaming we don't want to die, we were just scared slammed to death," Newsome, said.

NWS officials say the tornado's wind speeds reached 100 mph. Those winds peeled the Newsomes' roof off and tossed their camper 25 yards into a line of trees.

Wednesday afternoon the wind threatened to strip away what was left of their roof. 

There was trouble on the ground level too, the foundation of their house cracked, their yard was littered with debris and 30 of their chickens were missing.

The damage from the storm continues throughout the tornados 150 yard path of destruction.

Along Highway 71 North, grave markers are pushed over, there are uprooted trees and trees bent to a 45 degree angle, pieces of buildings wrapped around fences and a church reduced to a pile of rubble.

The tornado pushed the Newsomes and 13 other people out of their homes; no one was injured.

"It's the worst night that we've ever had in our lives; I've seen some storms but nothing like this, it's rough," said Newsome.

He tells Fox54 it will probably be a few weeks before he can move back into the house.

Until then the Red Cross is providing food and shelter for them and for the other people who were displaced by the storm.

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