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Adopted daughter of Scott Dean says assault allegations not true


UPDATE: Child molestation allegations that put former Harlem Mayor and Columbia County Commissioner, Scott Dean, behind bars are now being recanted.

FOX54 spoke to Dean's attorney about what his adopted daughter is now saying.

"If she would just have told the truth the first time, we wouldn't have these problems but that's where we are," said Pete Theodocion.

Dean was convicted in 2011 on two counts of child molestation charges after his adopted teenage daughter said he sexually assaulted her.

"When the verdict came back then we were just disappointed. There was just a lot at stake in a trial like that and whenever you lose one, it's just devastating," said Theodocion.   

The girl, who testified in court saying she was sexually assaulted by Dean, said recently in a letter that was not true.

"Her current story is the absolute truth of what actually did happen or in this case, did not happen," said Theodocion.  

Theodocion said it is unclear why the girl is just now coming forward with the truth but he did tell FOX54, she had a rough childhood before being adopted by the Dean family.

"A sixteen year old tends to be incredible to begin with but this girl did have a very awful childhood and she had a lot of motivation at the time of these allegations in trial to move," said Theodocion. "She wanted to get to a different location and she knew from past experience that allegations of abuse against a parent would allow the judicial system to move her into another home."

The girl could face perjury charges if the state proves she lied under oath.

Regardless, Theodicion said if a new trial is granted, he is confident they will win this time.

The case is sitting before the Court of Appeals right now but Dean's attorney is working to bring it back to Columbia County Superior Court for a trial based on the new evidence.

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ORIGINAL STORY: Renee Dean tells FOX54 her adopted daughter has recanted her sexual assault allegations against Scott Dean.

Scott Dean was convicted of two counts of child molestation against his adopted teenage daughter in 2011. Renee says their adopted daughter has been in foster care since that ruling. She says her daughter wrote her a letter and then called last week to tell her mother the accusations were false.

"The family is very excited that she has decided to tell the truth," says Renee. Dean also tells FOX54 her daughter asked to come home and has since moved back with family.

FOX54 is continuing to follow this developing story and will have the latest here at and tonight on FOX54 News at 10pm.

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