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Search for next Waynesboro Police Chief causing controversy


The Waynesboro Police Department sign still bears the name of former Police Chief, Alfonzo Williams.  

The name of the next Police Chief will soon be displayed on the sign; but finding that person is causing plenty of controversy.  

A disagreement between Waynesboro Council members over outsourcing the search for the Police Chief led to a heated discussion Monday night.

Council member Brenda Lewis said not hiring from within would be insulting, "That's a slap in the face to the department itself to me."  

After member Herman Brown made a motion to allow the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police handle the recruiting process, half of the council members voted in favor and the other members were strongly opposed.

The members who voted against the motion want to see Deputy Chief Roosevelt Lodge get the job.

Lodge has been with the department for two years and he says someone should only be hired over him if they are better qualified for the job.

"[Theirs would have to be] better than mine and I think I'm pretty well damn qualified. But that's the council's game so lets play," Roosevelt, said.  

He also says other applicants should have more than the right qualifications.

"They better know the citizens of this town, because it takes a lot to know these citizens. It takes a lot to have them trust you," he said.

John Broseghini says he doesn't care who gets the job, as long as they don't stop the Citizens on Patrol program.

"If they can continue the program the people in Waynesboro appreciate and like; I say it's another pair of eyes for the police department," Broseghini, said.

Ann Pitcher says if the next Chief of Police is the finest candidate for the job, she doesn't care what their name is.

"We have to pick the best person for the job and unless we see all of them, we don't know who that is," she said.

She will have the opportunity to see the top candidates for the job in a few weeks because the motion to have the GACP handle the application process passed.

City council members will decide who the next Chief of Police will be when they meet with the applicants at the end of March.

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