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Local universities prepare for sequestration


 The sequestration deadline has local universities fearing the worst. Federal budget cuts are expected to impact research based programs.

Brandon Brown is the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Paine College and said one of his biggest fears is the cutting their community-based research programs

"We serve over two hundred students so we wouldn't want to cut back from that resource in the community," said Brown.  

Paine College is not the only one expressing concerns, FOX 54 spoke to Georgia Regents University's Vice President of Clinical Affairs David Hefner who said they anticipate to be hit a little harder than most Universities.

"The rough word of magnitude I think it hits more squarely on care delivery side, the health system side just by shear dollars," said Hefner.

The cuts could also affect the university's growth but Hefner said they are prepared.

"We've been combining different administrative areas so instead of multiple leaders we have one," said Hefner. "So we have been reducing a lot of our overhead costs over the past couple of years."

Like many across the CRSA, Brown said he just wants some answers.

"It is a serious deal and I think that people want to know how their tax dollars are being spent," said Brown.   

Neither university has made any specific plans on how they are going to accommodate the cuts that should come within the next ten days.  

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