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CBS Soap Opera Recap: Sep. 16

The Young and the Restless

Avery can tell something is up with Dylan. Later, Dylan opens up to Stitch.

Victor puts pressure on Paul for information on Ian's case.

After a tense conversation with Lauren, Michael reaches out for help.

Victor notices Mariah and Kevin's friendship. Later, Mariah figures out that Victor is fishing for information on Ian.


The Bold and the Beautiful

Ivy spreads word throughout the Forrester Creations' office about Quinn being the cause of her tumble into the Seine.  Hope makes a revealing confession to Brooke about her marriage to Wyatt and their future together.  After viewing the irrefutable evidence against her, Quinn fesses up to Wyatt about being in Paris.  With the truth about Quinn's involvement in the debacle in Paris out in the open, Wyatt and Liam race to reach Hope first. 

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