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Animal rescue shelter loses operating license


This could be Mitch's lucky day. The Joiners are rescuing the German Sheppard mix, right in the nick of time.

"I really see it more like an addition to the family, or getting a companion, that sort of thing," said Jessica Joiner. "I mean I don't think we thought about it in terms of anything that heavy."

But Barbara Gleitsmann says it is "that heavy." Pretty soon she'll have to shut down Happy Tails Rescue, her non-profit animal shelter in Appling. For the past ten years, she's been running the CSRA's largest, private rescue shelter. But pretty soon, she'll have to shut it down.

"It is devastating. It is devastating," Gleitsmann said.

For several months the Georgia Department of Agriculture has cited Happy Tails Rescue with minor violations. Gleitsmann says she and her employees fix the violations each time. After a recent visit, they cited rusted cages and corner cobwebs. And this time the Department decided to revoke the shelter's operating license.

Mitch is one of 38 dogs who need to be adopted within 30 days, or else he might not have a home.

"There's not one animal on this property, Rachel, that doesn't look better, if not significantly better than when we got them," Gleitsmann said.

Gleitsmann says she doesn't know what will happen to the dogs if they're not adopted. Her license will be suspended for a year, and she will have to pay an $1,800 fine. But right now, she's just focused on finding good homes for these pups.

Adoption Events

CSRA Happy Tails Rescue will be holding adoption events at its main location in Appling during 2013 on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4pm at 6630 Eubank Drive, between Ray Owens Rd. and Washington Rd, just north of Pollard's Corner!

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