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Feb. 25th: KSLA News 12 Earthquake Editorial

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This past week our Chief Meteorologist Stephen Parr investigated the rash of earthquakes around Timpson, in East Texas.

Since 2011, 13 earthquakes have been reported.

Stephen came across a research study that suggests these earthquakes may be caused by injection wells that pump thousands of barrels of salt water deep underground. These injection wells are located in and around Timpson.

The recent earthquakes have caused some damage…and are making residents nervous. Is it the injection wells causing the earthquakes?

We strongly believe the study done by the University of Texas should be taken seriously. And officials in the state of Texas, specifically the Texas railroad commission that sets the standards for these injection wells, should review the data and investigate. If these earthquakes are man made, they can be stopped. Let me know what you think. 

I'm James Smith.

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