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Former co-worker addresses dangers after man falls in auditorium

Tuesday night a worker was transported to the hospital after falling more than 50 feet inside The Bell Auditorium. A former union worker told FOX54 he's worked dozens of shows and never once felt safe.

"Any time you go up there you risk," said former union worker Thomas Dray.

Dray is concerned for his friend and former union co-worker, David Watkins, who took that fall while on the job. Dray was a member of the local union for thirty years, often times putting himself at risk, like Watkins.

He took FOX54 inside the auditorium to show what it was like working at heights well above 50 feet.

"Look up there, 60 feet, and I slipped several times up there which everybody has," said Dray.

Dray doesn't know for sure if his friend was wearing a safety harness, but Dray said they were not required to wear them when he worked there.

"They said they weren't going to let us wear harnesses, they only had a couple of them," said Dray.   

Now that his friend is in the hospital, Dray wants something to be done.

"OSHA, a safety organization needs to come in here and re-evaluate," said Dray.

In fact, an investigation is already underway, investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration confirmed they did come to the auditorium, surveyed the stage and took pictures.

The auditorium's general manager is cooperating with investigators but was not able to comment on the case.

Hospital officials said the worker is still in fair condition. No word yet on how long the investigation will take.

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