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Locals focus on hearts, even after Valentine's Day


University Hospital continues to focus on hearts, even after Valentine's Day. On Saturday, free heart screenings were offered for the first 200 people, a way to celebrate February's American Heart Month.

FOX54 talked to people about what motivates them to take care of their heart.

Carolyn Washington is one of many who showed up for the free heart screening, an event she never misses.

"I want to stay on top of my health, said Washington. "You find out sometimes you got something that you didn't know you had."

People were screened for abnormalities in their blood pressure, glucose, plaque in their arteries, and many others that can cause a heart attack or stroke.

"The Heart and Stroke Prevention Center looks at all of these red flags, [the center] does advance testing, genetic testing," said Erica Cline, University Hospital Communications Coordinator.  

Genetics is one of the top risk factors. Washington is an identical twin, sharing the same gene pool as her sister. But when Washington's sister was tested, it revealed some unsettling news.

"They found a little small cyst on her [thyroid] but it's nothing serious."

However Washington was serious about getting tested herself because anyone can be at risk.

"No one is immune, you know we have found some of the most healthy looking people have some of the most problems and you know you look on the outside is not necessarily what it is on the inside," said Cline.  

The free screenings were offered to men and woman of all ages, an incentive that is already making a difference in the community to keep people healthy.

"Even today we found somebody who had enough plaque in their arteries that he went to the hospital," said Cline.  

"If you don't have insurance, I think it's a good way to come out and check on your body and keep a check on your body when something like this is going on," said Washington.  

With or without insurance, Cline said a screening can save your life.

For more information about heart and stroke prevention classes or where to be screened, visit www.universityhealth.org/hasp


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