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Locals reconsider cruise vacation plans


People in the CSRA are rethinking their vacation plans after passengers finally got off the crippled Carnival cruise ship that kept them at sea for eight days.

"I don't think I'll ever go on a cruise with Carnival," said Luci Rowe.

"It's a no brainer, we won't be going a cruise now," said Tim Blake.  

After what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation for passengers aboard the Carnival cruise line, Triumph, turned into a nightmare. A disastrous engine fire forced the boat to come to a stand-still and passengers in survival mode.

A situation that some do not want to risk especially since this is not the first time a Carnival cruise ship has had this type of problem. There was a deadly incident last year when an engine fire broke out on a cruise off the coast of Italy.

Julie Lanham has been a travel agent for nearly 25 years and says this should not deter people from traveling the open seas.

"I just think they need to take into consideration that accidents happen," said Lanham.  

However for Tim Blake and his family, he would rather stay ashore.

"That was enough for me not to want to go," said Blake.  

Blake was planning to take his family on a Disney cruise but now he is canceling those plans because he wants to see changes.

"I know people are tired of hearing about regulations but some kind of regulations we need," said Blake.  

For now the only Disney trip they are taking is to Disney world.

Listed below are ways to research the statistics and ratings or your cruise.  



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