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Two-time home invasion victim fearful for family's safety


Ronnie Chastain is still shaken up after two men burst into his home and pointed a .22 automatic hand gun at him and his 7-year-old son.

"He pointed the gun at me and my baby," Chastain said. "He told me and my baby, 'I'll kill both of you.'"

Chastain says the two men demanded money from him. He says they broke into a locked chest inside his bedroom closet taking money and his heart medication. The suspects then took off down the road. 

Chastain says four months ago, the same thing happened. The burglar broke in, stole nearly $1,000 and beat him.

"He beat me all in the face, blackened both my eyes, broke my nose," Chastain said. "You know, he done pretty good work on me."

Last night's home invasion now have people in the neighborhood fearful for their own safety.

"I got my mom," said Justin Weeks, he lives around the corner from the home. "She's up there with my baby sister, and my little nephew, so you know, I just wish things would get better around here."

Chastain, he says he has his own plans for protecting his son and his home.

"Next time this happens, I'm going to buy me a gun," Chastain said. "You know, buy me one, and if he comes back in my house, I know what I can do."

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