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Richmond Co. schools may become reaccredited


Getting accepted into a university isn't always easy. But Richmond County School System officials say it may get easier for their students in the near future.

Frank Roberson, the superintendent for the Richmond County School Board System says graduating from an accredited school can make all the difference when pursuing higher education.

"These standards are such that colleges and universities look at the graduates that are coming into their system, whether or not they graduated from an accredited system," said Roberson.

Richmond County schools are currently accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or SACS.

But now, they have been recommended for reaccreditation through AdvancED, the nationally acclaimed accreditation agency over SACS.

Roberson says the agency has very high standards and if they are reaccredited it could make it easier for students to jump from high school to college.

"It does give them an advantage; they can go off to college and have under their belt that they graduated from a school system that has been accredited by AdvancED," he said.

The recommendation comes after AdvancED officials conducted hundreds of interviews with school staff and parents last month.

While the school system is still waiting for final approval, school officials are confident this will open the door to new opportunities for students.

Roberson says they should know if they've been granted accreditation with the agency by the end of this month.

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