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More rain means flooding a possibility


The rains the area has needed for a long time fell all day Thursday.

Some areas saw as much as 2.5 inches of rainfall.

"It was a really good soaking rain," says Augusta-Richmond Co. Fire Department Special Operations Chief Wayne Taylor. "Our ground is pretty saturated right now."

Taylor says the heavy rains may not be over though, thanks to a cold front that will linger over the CSRA for a few days beginning late this weekend.

He says the combination of Thursday's rain plus what could be coming has the Richmond Co. EMA on their toes.

"Possibly two to four inches of rain forecast," says Taylor. "We're kind of watching the area, mainly because we've had this rain in the past 24 hours."

While these potential rains will be beneficial to most areas of the CSRA, in neighborhoods like Hyde Park, flooding is a potential issue.

"Just some localized flooding and that kind of thing," Taylor says, when asked what the area could see if heavy rain falls. "Nothing significant unless it gets up above four inches or more."

Taylor says even though the flooding may not be major, he says it's still a good idea for residents in flood zones to be wary and prepared.

"They're accustomed to it," he says of people in flood-problem areas. "Of course, we want to encourage no one to try and drive through standing water of any significance."

Taylor says the best defense is to simply be mindful of your surroundings if the rains get heavy.

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