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Springfield business booming during blizzard


The snow closed a lot of businesses and restaurants across the state, but if you're a pizza delivery driver, Friday night was one of the busiest nights of the year.

"This is one of our busiest nights we've ever had," said Tony Patalano, owner of the Domino's on Liberty Street in Springfield.

Delivery drivers were hitting the treacherous streets in full force Friday as Domino's churned out more than 100 pizzas an hour.

"We're like the post office. We almost never close ... We get here early in the morning, we work all day to feed our customers, parents don't want to cook for their kids sometimes so we're there for them," Patalano said.

In weather like this, most businesses have been dark and closed up for hours.

Domino's only closed a few hours early.

"We're normally open til 1 [a.m.] but tonight we're going to close at 9 [p.m.]. I want my drivers to get home safe," Patalano said.

Drivers like Angel Reyes drove out dozens of times and saw plenty of accidents and spin-outs Friday night.

"I'm pretty glad I got four-wheel drive, the streets are bad. I already saw a car get hit by a plow," Reyes said.

But he and the other drivers keep going.

"Honestly, sometimes I got to thank you, sometimes I get a good tip, sometimes I don't, but as long as I get the customers their pizza, that's all I really care about," Reyes said.

And as dangerous as the roads may be, Reyes is making money on a night when most businesses will have to cut their losses.

"I'm going to cuddle with my son, knowing that his dad is safe and my son is going to college because I'm putting all the hours in, I'm putting all the tips in, savings fund everything else."

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