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It's go time for the Augusta Convention Center


After years of talk and construction, the time is nearing for the Augusta Convention Center to open officially.

"It is go time," says Marriott Director of Events, Food, and Beverage Rick Harrington. "That is a great way to put it."

In a little over two weeks, the Convention Center holds its first event, the Augusta Bridal Show.

It's just the start of what will be a whirlwind opening week, says Harrington.

"There's six events booked in six days," he says. "And its all sorts of different kinds of shows."

Those six are a part of the 20 already confirmed bookings, which the center says will bring in $12 million to the CSRA.

Another seven events are tentatively booked.

They say other groups are continuing to enquire, and they hope successful events will lead to even more business.

"The pace of calls now is becoming very brisk with enthusiastic interest," says Marriott Vice President and General Manager Darryl Leech. "So we're excited to move forward."

"We have a lot of association business that will come," adds Harrington. "Word of mouth is the best way to get it out."

Marriott officials say they're excited with the 20 confirmed bookings, and when the first event kicks off later this month, they say it will be the realization of years of hard work from everyone involved.

"There's been so much work done, and so much commitment on everybody's part to make it happen," says Harrington. "I mean that's really a celebration here and that's what we should celebrate on the 24th of February."

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