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Super Bowl fans to spend billions on game day


Super Bowl Sunday is coined as one of America's biggest unofficial holidays, and one of the biggest food days of the year.

"Whenever there's a fellowship, you gotta have food around," said Toney Cross, an organizer for Tabernacle Baptist Church of Augusta's annual Super Bowl party. "As a matter of fact, I think you can't fellowship without food."

Eating 30 million pounds of snacks and drinking 50 million cases of beer, the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association says Americans will spend 1$2.7 billion just on game day, an average $68.54 per person; a lot of it spent on the 1.2 billion chicken wings Americans will smack on this Super Bowl.

"You can't think about football without thinking about wings," said Joviane Vranker, manager at the Wing Stop in Augusta.

Super Bowl Sunday is Wing Stop's busiest day of the year, but the restaurant is taking a hit with the rising cost of wings per case.

"It's really beating us down," Vranker said. "I mean, you can't really pass the cost off to the consumer the way we're getting the cost, because otherwise the customer wouldn't come."

And customers say they appreciate that after seeing a 20 percent rise in wing prices just this year. Even beer prices have slightly hiked up over the past few years.

But raising the rates on consumers won't stop a football fan from celebrating their favorite "holiday" of the year.

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