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Shop owner scammed with counterfeit bill

Mi Casa es Su Casa, that's the name of her shop, and how Josephine Stanley treats her customers at the Barn Yard Flea Market. But after being cheated by a man who gave her a counterfeit bill, she says she feels taken advantage of.

"I was mad, you know, that's my money; that's my merchandise that he took," Stanley said.

While selling holiday goodies, Stanley says she was helping a man with gold teeth pick out a gift for his girlfriend. She said he paid for the $30 gift with a one hundred dollar bill. She gave him his change then left. Days later she discovered the bill was a fake; a trick many small business owners fall victim to.

"What's happening is drug dealers and cartels and such are printing money in other countries and loading into their cocaine shipments into America and sending millions and millions and millions of counterfeit hundred dollar bills into America," said Griff Griffin, executive director of Augusta Crime Stoppers.

To make sure your bill isn't counterfeit check to see if there's a hologram. Hold it up to the light and you'll be able to see it. Also, scratch the bill. If it feels like paper, it's counterfeit. It should feel like fabric. Finally, check the monetary value on the strip, which is on the right side of his face.

But those tests don't always guarantee you have a genuine bill. Even banks let some counterfeit cash slip through the cracks. While we were at the flea market, we met a woman who found out her credit union gave her a fake one hundred dollar bill.

"I was like ‘Oh! Am I going to get my money back from where I got it?'" said Blenda Collins, she was shopping at the BarnYard Flea Market.

That's how Stanley hopes she'll never feel again. But just to be sure, she's double checking every bill coming into her store, so she won't be duped again.

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