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Businesses near Ft. Gordon worry about DoD cuts

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For tattoo artist Charles Clark at Excalibur Tattoos, many of the arms and other limbs he inks up every day belong to soldiers.

"Around the 1st and 15th [of the month], we get a good amount," Clark says, when asked how many soldier customers they get daily. "At least a good 15 to 20 soldiers."

There's a good reason why Clark estimates 60% of his business comes from soldiers.

The shop is just a few blocks down the road from Ft. Gordon on Jimmie Dyess Pkwy.

"We're the closest shop to base," Clark says. "This is really the closest spot for them to come."

That's why cuts that could come to Ft. Gordon have Clark a little worried about business.

The Department of Defense says Ft. Gordon could lose up to 4,300 soldiers by 2020.

They predict it could mean a new reduction of the installation's economic impact on the CSRA by about 3% of sales revenue.

That's what has Clark a little concerned about business.

"We're a little worried about that," he says. "We make a lot of our money off military clientele."

Even on Friday night with a waiting room full of soldiers, Clark says he and the shop are doing their best to get their name out to the rest of the CSRA, so they can expand their client pool.

"The thing that we're really trying to do is a lot with flyers and posters," Clark says. "We're really just trying to advertise at least on this street so that people see us."

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