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Home invasion victim speaks out about gun rights


This weekend's Augusta gun show is not a new event for the city but recent concerns about gun control laws brought a new type of crowd. 

"We've seen tremendous support from people in the CSRA for this show," said Larry Stevenson, Gunrunner Show owner & CEO.

Recent fears of stricter gun control laws brought twice as many people to the show this weekend, including victims who have been targeted.

"If I hadn't had an AK- 47, there would have been a shoot-out and she would have been executed on the spot," said home invasion victim Cliff Shaffer.

Jennifer Barnes and her boyfriend, Cliff Shaffer, were victims of a home invasion in Grovetown back in 2011. Barnes answered the doorbell only to see four teenagers pointing a gun in her face and telling her to lie down.

"It's hard to believe that someone is coming into your home at your face with a gun and you've only got a few seconds to decide what to do," said Barnes. 

The recent shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Aurora, Colorado have sparked a national debate on gun control laws.

Shaffer believes having his gun saved their lives and says there is a different issue. According to the police, the intruders had weapons that were already illegal.

"The two guns that were used in this [home invasion] were illegal; they were stolen," said Shaffer.

"Criminals don't come to gun shows to get guns; they don't come to gun stores to get guns, they break into people's houses," said Stevenson.  

An all but true reality for Barnes who fears the worst if gun laws become stricter.

"You're going to disarm an entire neighborhood; no one is going to be able to protect each other," said Barnes.  

However for Barnes and Shaffer, shopping for protection at the gun show made them feel a little safer.

The four teenagers who were accused in Barnes' home invasion were convicted on five counts, including possession of firearms and aggravated assault.

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