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After fire, Graystone Ranch in dire need of donations

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A local animal rescue is asking for your help.

After a fire on New Year's Eve claimed one of their buildings, Graystone Ranch is in dire need of the public's help.

The fire caused over $50,000 in loss of supplies used to help keep up the ranch.

The biggest loss was food and the storage area used to keep that food dry.

"Now, I need to get some dry storage back into place quickly, so we can have a place for the food," says Graystone Ranch owner Rusty Eskew. "As of now, we have enough food, dry food on hand, to last most of the animals for about nine days."

If you would like to know how you can help, call Graystone Ranch at (706) 360-0808, or go to their website,


Animal Husbandry:

Kennel crates (wire and plastic)

Animal cages

Feed and water dishes

Bedding ceder or other

Rabbit waterers

Heating pads

Baby bottles

Animal toys (All types- small to large mammal)

Aquariums (Fish and reptile setup)

Reptile support products (Heat rocks, hoods, bulbs, etc.)

Feed and meds:

Hay (Square and round balls)

Salt blocks

Sackfeed (Horse, goat, chicken, sheep, llama, pig, etc.)

Small mammal feed (Rabbit, ferret, hedgehog, hamster)

Ivormectian (Any type)

Penicillin (Any type- inject, pill, etc.)

Building Material:

Wood (Any type)

Scrap iron/metal

Sheet metal


Fencing (Wire-barb, electric, chicken, hardware cloth, panels, chain link)

Post (T-post, wood post)

Railroad ties

Telephone poles

Metal beams

Tools (Hand, electric, battery)

Tool boxes

Nails, screws, bolts

Electrical supplies (All types)

Plumbing supplies (All types)

Gorilla tape, silicone, Thompson water seal

Work gloves

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