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Baby, it's cold outside; how folks are coping in the CSRA.

The cold weather is affecting many people across Georgia. Even people in the CSRA are taking extra precaution before leaving their homes.

FOX54 spoke to locals about how they are handling the cold.

"I don't want it, honestly, I don't want the snow. I like being warm. I don't need to feel it or experience it and freeze," said Angelica Concepcion.

A freeze is exactly what people across Georgia braced for. Some have even seen snow and freezing rain but officials say it was just another day in Augusta, just a little colder.

"Well fortunately we don't have any moisture, if we did of course we would see ice today or sleet or some form of precipitation so we have been very fortunate," said Pam Tucker, director of Columbia County Emergencies & Operations Division.

Tucker told FOX54 Columbia County has seen no power outages and has escaped most weather-related issues.

The bad news, the freezing temperatures can affect people who have to be outside.

"You have to wear gloves, you have to wear hats, you have to wear thick socks because you will lose your body heat," said Tucker.  

However, Friday's weather kept many people inside.

The dog park at Evans Town Center Park was less crowded than usual.

"No one was here today around 5:30 p.m., usually there's about a thousand dogs," said Concepcion.  

Only a few people made it out to the park but as the sun begins to set and the temperatures start to drop, Tucker's main concern, pets.

"You know the biggest thing right now and will worry me tonight are those pets that could be outside. Keep them inside if at all possible, that's where they need to be on cold nights like this," said Tucker.  

Officials also warn, even though there has been no rain, be aware of places near water that may freeze and cause black ice on the road.

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