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North Augusta residents voice concerns as Project Jackson moves forward


North Augusta city leaders called a meeting Tuesday night to discuss an amendment which would update TIF or tax increase financing in order to help finance the $150 million Jackson Project.

The River Club homeowners association president Steve Donahue told the council he fears the development will bring crime, litter and congestion to the area.  

His comments and other remarks from people who also spoke to the council drew applause from the people seated in the audience.

Plans to construct the Hammond's Ferry Riverfront Center include a hotel, conference center, retail, restaurants and a baseball stadium for the Augusta GreenJackets.

To bring to proposal to life, the city says they would cover $43 million and rely on the private sector to foot the bill for another $125 million.

City Administrator Todd Glover said, "I think it's exciting that anybody is willing to invest money in North Augusta. I think what most people are concerned about is it a smart move, is it a wise investment?"

Some nearby residents think the development could hurt their community and the environment.

Richard Deal says he doesn't understand how the development will fit on 44 acres.

"The first consideration is the density negatives that it would create, what has been proposed just doesn't seem like it's going to fit inside that small an area."

Glover tells Fox54 they started planning for the Hammond's Ferry Riverfront Center back in 1996 but he says a baseball stadium was not included in the initial plans.

The amendment to tax increase financing was approved Tuesday night but Glover says if the resolution doesn't receive final approval the stadium will not come to North Augusta.

Glover says there will be nine more meetings and at least three more public hearings where folks can voice their concerns before any part of the development receives final approval.


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