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Morning fire leaves Belvedere woman without home, dog

Ginnie Hammonds was at church Sunday morning with her grandson when she got a funny feeling, like something was wrong.

"I said, 'You know, I feel sort of strange,'" she says. "He said, 'Grandmama, you know when you get these feelings like that, they're normally right.'"

When she returned home, she found her intuition was correct- her Celeste Ave. home in Belvedere had caught fire.

She says she bought the home as a "new start" after her divorce.

"I had an opportunity to renovate it, from the roof to the floors," Ginnie says. "I put my personality in it."

Fire crews from Belvedere, North Augusta, and Midland Valley were able to put the fire out, but not before it claimed much of the home.

They were unable to determine a cause.

Luckily, Ginnie and her grandson weren't home during the fire, but she did lose another member of her family- her six month old Chihuahua puppy, Jojo.

"He was my baby," she says. "He was a little man, and we're going to miss him. We're going to truly miss him."

Now, Ginnie is starting over again.

And even without her beloved Jojo, she knows she'll be ok.

"I'm blessed because I'm here, and my grandson is here," she says. "I know there are good people that will take care of us."

The American Red Cross has stepped in to help Ginnie and her family. Ginnie tells Fox 54 she has homeowners' insurance.

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