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Pediatric students and faculty step towards obesity intervention


Pediatric students and faculty from Georgia Regents University took their final steps today with a 5k walk, ending a 12 week program to fight childhood obesity.

Dr. Katrina Nguyen led the planning committee for a Pediatric Obesity Intervention Program at Georgia Health Sciences Children's Medical Center.

"Childhood obesity and obesity in general often times is looked at as a condition," said Dr. Nguyen. 

The 12 week program offered free exercise and cooking classes for a total of four families and according to Annie Doe and her three children, this program has been life changing.

"It motivates them because it not only shows them that I care but also the community cares," said Doe.  

Doe and her family are on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. The 5k walk is only a milestone for them. They have already completed the first twelve week program and plan to keep going.

Brussel sprouts and zucchini are among the children's new favorite foods, along with staying active with jumping jacks and swimming.

All the children that took part have lost between four and twenty pounds, an accomplishment made possible by their parents also getting involved and setting an example.

"A parent's role is very important," said Doe.  

"Set an example as they say actions speak louder than words," said Dr. Nguyen. "You have to walk the walk."

Walking was exactly what Doe and her children did today. 

Twenty children will start the next 12 week program on January 26th.

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