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Deputies search for burglar who hit same store 3 times in 1 month


Surveillance video shows a masked person throwing a rock through the Gulf convenience store door and grabbing dozens of cigarettes before running out of the store early Thursday morning.

"Most of the times they're taking those items to sell them on the street, make some quick money," said Sgt. Jason Feemster with the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.

The owner of the Gulf convenience store in Aiken County didn't want to talk on camera but says he just bought the store one month ago; since then he says a burglar wearing a skeleton mask has broken through the doors three times.

He's keeping the rocks that have been tossed through the window in plain sight. The newest rock in the collection was used early Thursday morning.

"We're going to process the scene and see if we can get any impressions and things like that. They have video surveillance so we're going to see if we can find anything through that," Feemster, said.

The Aiken County Sheriff's Office is taking the case seriously because they say property crimes like this hurt customers. 

"The more items that are taken and shoplifted cause the consumers prices to go up; so we do our best to exhaust all the leads and apprehend these individuals that are causing these crimes," said Feemster.

The store owner tells Fox54 he has shelled out $2,000 dollars in the past month to repair the damage. He also says from now on the cigarettes are going under lock and key and the doors will have bars on them.

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