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UFO sighting has Amherst residents talking

Laughter seemed to be everyone's initial reaction when CBS 3 asked people about a possible UFO sighting in Amherst.

However, laughter aside, it was a hot topic in town on Thursday.  

"Yeah, I actually heard a lot about it when I got into work this morning. I didn't hear a lot about the story, but people were talking about it," said Ben Fellows, an Erving resident.

On Tuesday between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., several witnesses said they saw a diamond shaped, dimly-lit object in the sky.

The object had been reported to be moving slow and hovering about 75 to 100 feet above the ground.

A plane has been one possible idea of what the mystery object could be, but people have heard otherwise.  

"From what I read in a newspaper, Westover saw nothing on their radar, so who knows what it could have been," said Jerry Daly, an Amherst resident.

However, do people in Amherst really believe it could be a UFO? Some people told CBS 3 that it's possible.  

"It could have been a UFO ... no one really knows if it was or wasn't," said Daly.

"I guess you could see a UFO just about anywhere ... usually in less populated places than Amherst but, you know, I guess you can see them anywhere," said Fellows.  

Ultimately, many Amherst residents said it's important to be open to the possibilities, whether you believe in UFOs or not.

"I give them credit. If they want to talk about it ... I think it's fine. I wouldn't want to deny someone their experience," said Ruth Hooke, an Amherst resident.

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