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State bill proposes school administrators carry guns


Laney High School Principal Tonia Mason, says her students are like her own children, and there's nothing she wouldn't do to keep them safe; even if it's carrying a gun.

"If it comes to it, and legislation is passed and we have to carry weapons, then that's what I'm going to do to protect my students, because my students are first and foremost," Dr. Mason said.

Soon Dr. Mason might have that option. Georgia State Representative Paul Battles pre-filed House Bill 35; allowing school administrators to possess firearms on school property. Those armed would be required to go through ongoing intensive training; an expense other state leaders say is unnecessary. 

"There are in fact some physical security measures that can be taken to provide another layer of security in advance to people even getting inside the school that I think we've got to do a better job of exploring, but more importantly, implementing that may be more cost effective as opposed to putting guns in everyone's hands," said Senator Hardie Davis.

Principal Mason is already taking action into her own hands; strongly enforcing preventative measures to secure students, like requiring students to always have their school ID with them. Dr. Mason says today four students were put in detention for not wearing their IDs.

"It's by any means necessary that we make sure that they're in a safe educational environment," Dr. Mason said.

The bill would not permit teachers or coaches to carry weapons.

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