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GRU rolls out new bus to mixed opinions


For the first time, Stephen Lamb stepped aboard the new Georgia Regents University bus Wednesday. The bus is labeled from top to bottom with the new name of the consolidated university, GRU. 

"It bothers me for the fact that it's not acknowledging Augusta State. I think everybody is bothered by the change," Lamb, said.

Lamb is a sophomore and he's usually happy to catch a ride on the bus; but seeing the new bus Wednesday had the opposite effect.

"Seeing the bus this morning, it did upset some feelings but it's something we've got to get over."

Fox54's Mark Barber asked, "How do you do that?" Lamb answered, "Well there's not much we can do about that, just get used to it."

"How long do you think that will take?" Barber, asked.  Lamb said, "it may take a semester or two."

Even though not everyone is on board, some students welcomed the new look and the new opportunities in store.

Kala Brown doesn't care what the bus looks like as long as she gets her to classes at the GHSU campus on time.

"I think it will be beneficial because I'm a nursing major and I think it will help us out a whole lot with the health and science," said Brown.

The bus is a part of the Jaguar Express and it gives students a faster trip between the two campuses than they had before.

The bus will operate all day long Monday through Friday.


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