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People across CSRA show their support for Hobby Lobby’s values

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People across the CSRA shopped at Hobby Lobby Saturday to show their support for the company's decision to defy Obamacare.

"I came out to support Hobby Lobby in their fight against the Obamacare mandate," said shopper Jennifer Finch.

An Obamacare contraception mandate requires Hobby Lobby and other companies to cover emergency contraceptives.

But the company isn't cooperating because they say the insurance mandate violates their religious beliefs.

"They shouldn't be forced to pay for the morning after pill if they don't want it, it's a private company, it's a family business they shouldn't have to do it," shopper Kerri Cartledge, said.

Cartledge is a part of a grassroots movement across the U.S. called "Standing with Hobby Lobby." We found many Augustans are doing just that, standing with the company and their beliefs. 

"We're coming to support the Christian company," Keri Hibbitts, said.

Clay Holland said, "People should have a right to decide what they're going to offer their employees and then their employees have the right to decide if they're going to work there or not; that's why we're here today."

"The government shouldn't be able to force any privately held company or any private citizen to do anything that's against their conscience," said Finch.

The arts and crafts chain has more than 500 stores in 41 states. But they are now facing the threat of IRS fines of $1.3 million a day and that may force the company to close their doors. Because of that possibility some people are saying Hobby Lobby's stance against Obamacare isn't worth it.

 "I understand what their plan is but I don't feel that they should put thousands of people out of jobs when 9 times out of 10 no one's going to use the pill anyway," said Trovonnie Russell.

Fox54's Mark Barber asked, "Do you think a day like this where so many people come out to support them will make a difference?" Frank Laurence said, "I think it should, I think they need to look at it and go well maybe people are listening to what's going on in the world."

"I hope the impact will be that people can vote with their feet; then they can vote with their dollars," Dewey Galeas, said.

Hobby Lobby says they will keep providing health insurance to their employees as they fight the federal healthcare mandate in court.

They aren't the only company against it, there are 41 other lawsuits opposing the mandate.

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