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New leadership changes at Augusta YDC


Department of Juvenile Justice Commissioner Avery D. Niles is pleased to bring in the New Year with the announcement of his final selections for two of the top three leadership spots at DJJ's Youth Development Campus (YDC) in Augusta, Georgia.
As of January 2013, the Augusta YDC has a new Assistant Director of Security and a new Captain of Correctional Officers.  Commissioner Niles said a new Director for the Augusta facility is expected to be named soon following year-end holiday schedule delays.  An official announcement of the Commissioner's final selection for the YDC Director position will be made in a separate news release.
James L. Reid, the Commissioner's choice for Assistant Director of Security position comes to the YDC from the Augusta area with a long law enforcement and military background.  The new YDC Assistant Director has experience developing institutional emergency plans and safety strategies, and has worked with large youth populations.
Donnell Collins, the Commissioner's choice for the Captain of Corrections Officers position also comes from the Augusta area with a military and juvenile justice background.  The new YDC Corrections Captain has experience in DJJ Emergency Operations and Transportation and has worked as a Corrections Officer at DJJ's Metro Regional Youth Development Campuses and at both the Augusta YDC and RYDC.
"I am pleased to express my confidence in Assistant Director Reid and Capt. Collins," said Commissioner Niles.  "We made these two key hires after an exhaustive search and we're very close to hiring a new Director. But now I'm doing more than filling a job opening for an administrator. My strategy is to name an experienced correctional professional who will serve as the final link for an Augusta Leadership Team capable of taking-on one of our greatest challenges in Georgia's juvenile justice system," Commissioner Niles said.
James L. Reid is a Marine Corps veteran from Augusta, Georgia with more than thirty years of law enforcement experience. He will be named Assistant Director of Security for the Augusta YDC.  
Reid started his law enforcement career as a patrolman with the Augusta Police Department.  As a Sergeant with the Richmond County Marshalls Department he supervised court offenders on probation, served arrest warrants, and acted as Unit Supervisor for the Marshall's Community Service program.  
For the last thirteen years, Reid was Director of Campus Security at Augusta's Paine College where he had direct security responsibilities for a large youth population. Many of Reid's future duties at the Augusta YDC will have direct parallels to his Paine College job description. He designed the unannounced security exercises and campus fire drills and conducted the quarterly security analysis.   
"James Reid has an entire decade of experience maintaining a safe environment for faculty, staff, and student body on campus," said Commissioner Niles. "He was responsible for developing the campus site emergency plan, fire safety strategy, and emergency evacuation procedures. These, along with his law enforcement and military background make up the kind of experience we were looking for to maintain a safe and secure facility at Augusta YDC."
Reid has an Associate Degree in Public Service and Criminal Justice Technology from Denmark Technical College, a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from Voorhees College, and a Masters of Theology from Andersonville Theological Seminary.
Donnell Collins is a six year Army veteran from Augusta, Georgia who began working with the Department of Juvenile Justice in January 2000.  Collins will be Captain of Corrections Officers at the Augusta YDC.
He started as a Juvenile Corrections Officer at the Augusta Youth Development Campus and rounded out his Corrections Officer career working at the Metro Regional Youth Development Campus and then the Augusta Regional Youth Development Campus. In December 2004, Mr. Collins was promoted at the Augusta RYDC to Juvenile Correctional Officer 2 and later promoted again to DJJ Transportation Officer in January 2005.
Collins began serving as Regional Emergency Operations Coordinator during March 2006 and was later promoted to his current position as Southeast Region Transportation Lieutenant.   He is a representative for the Georgia Juvenile Services Association District 7 and was nominated by DJJ to attend the Carl Vinson Institute for Correctional Leadership.  Collins is scheduled to graduate from the Leadership Institute in February 2013.
"Over the last two months I have focused on making certain I found the right people to run the Augusta campus and to ensure we operate a safe and secure facility for our youth and staff," said Commissioner Niles. "I believe these are the right people to lead as our new Assistant Director and Captain at the Augusta YDC," said Niles.
Until the Commissioner announces his final choice for a new Director, a DJJ Regional Administrator and a Special Operations Director from DJJ Central Office have been assigned by Commissioner Niles to work on-site at the secure facility to direct daily operations.  Commissioner Niles also pledges to continue his unannounced visits to perform safety and security assessments, make surprise inspections, and look for policy violations.
DJJ Commissioner Avery Niles plans to introduce his entire new Augusta YDC management team at an upcoming news conference at a time and date to be announced.

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