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Burke County moratorium prevents adult entertainment


Burke County Board of Commissioners called for a moratorium after a possible inquiry to build an adult entertainment facility in the area.

Burke County currently does not have any type of regulations or building codes preventing adult entertainment facilities to be built near schools or churches.

"We have no laws saying yes or no on that so ordinance is silent about adult entertainment," said Waldrop.  

The moratorium gives Burke County Board of Commissioners 90 days to establish an ordinance.

"You have to have some thoughtful regulations about what's appropriate and what's not appropriate," said Waldrop.

Richmond County does allow some forms of adult entertainment but there are restrictions that prevents them from being a thousand feet of churches, schools, child care facilities, public parks, cemeteries, government property, and other relative locations.

A resident of Burke County says this type is business does not belong in the area.

Business manager Tifani Thompson says she moved to Waynesboro to raise her family but if it's allowed she may rethink that decision.

"This is a nice town not a big city where you can pick and choose where you go so I think something like that would not be welcome here," said Thompson.  "I probably would move somewhere else because I don't want my child around that stuff."

For the time being, the moratorium prevents any kind of adult entertainment development. 

"Now there is a law on the books that says you can't have that kind of establishment at least for 90 days until the planning commission works up some regulations," said Waldrop.

The county administrator was not able to confirm who made the inquiry or what type of facility it would be.

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