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HOA missing thousands in funds


Stratford residents are speaking out after thousands of dollars are missing from their homeowner's association. 

The Stratford Community Association president filed a report with Columbia County Sheriff's Office stating unapproved transactions date back as far as 2008, the most recent being December 17, 2012.  The report says only one person has access to the account, the association treasurer. 

Four years and $192,018 later, Stratford residents are shocked at the amount missing from their homeowner's association. 

Homeowner Jeff Punshon has lived in Stratford for three years and says there should be more than one to blame.

"Well I think the entire board should be responsible because they all had responsibility for those funds," said Punshon.  

According to residents, every homeowner is required to contribute and be apart the association.

"It definitely makes you mad; you know we pay them every year. It makes you wonder where the money is going," said resident Megan Malone.

A question even the Stratford HOA president is trying to answer. In the report he estimates nearly $79,000 dollars had been used for credit purchases and nearly $113,000 dollars in cash withdrawals.




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