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ETX couple looking for missing, 'inseparable' dog and goat


It's been said that dogs are man's best friend - but in this case, the dog is a goat's best friend.

Suzie the dog and Baabs the goat are inseparable, according to their owners, and unfortunately, they're also missing.

They were last seen near the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch, which has recently relocated to New Summerfield.

"They don't get without three or four feet of each other," says Georganne Lenham, the president and founder of the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch.

Suzie and Baabs are the most recent rescues at the ranch.

"They've been here several months and Monday about noon we had visitors, and they just got all excited and kind of trotted off and I think they're disoriented and trying to find their way back to Whitehouse, is what I'm afraid of," said Lenham, laughing. "The goat will not leave the dog's side, no way."

Georganne and Bob Lenham run the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch, but they recently had to relocate to New Summerfield from Whitehouse because they have more than four animals under their care.

"With our problems with the city of Whitehouse, we had to relocate our animals very quickly until we can prove that we're not in the city limits, so it was kind of a quick thing. None of the animals are very well-adjusted, well, starting to be," Lenham said.

That includes Suzie and Baabs. Georganne isn't sure how they got paired up, but she knows that Baabs thinks he's Suzie's puppy - and he follows her wherever she goes.

"It's unbelievable. They sleep together, they lay on each other. The goat will sometimes try to sneak a bite of dog food and Suzie will snap at her and she'll just snap back, but she's really cute," Lenham said. "And Baabs is real loud. If Suzie's out of his sight, you know it."

Suzie and Baabs were brought to the ranch by a person who picked them up off the side of the road and saved them from swerving cars. Now, their new owners are asking another kind soul to do the same.

Suzie is a 70-pound white lab mix and Baabs is mostly white with brown and black on his head and tail

If you've seen them, please call Georganne Lenham at 903-253-6147.

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