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Fort Gordon honors four-star general for achievements

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General Dennis Via is now the newest Distinguished Member of the Signal Regiment.

Gen. Via was honored at a Signal Corps ceremony Wednesday for becoming the only four-star general from the Signal Corps.

"To have a Signal four-star General, the first in the history of our regiment in the Army, this is historic," said Maj. Gen. Patterson.

To become a four-star General requires nomination by the President and confirmation by Congress.

General Vie now serves as the Commander of the U.S. Army Materiel Command. He oversees the research and development of weapon systems and distribution.

But before he was in charge of 70,000 employees and an annual budget of $49 billion he started at Fort Gordon.

"I arrived at Fort Gordon in the fall of 1980," Gen. Vie, said.

After moving on from his basic signal officer course he moved up the ranks.

Even though he is now works far from Fort Gordon; Gen. Vie says this military community plays an important role, "Fort Gordon and the signal center here play a critical role here in that both in deploying soldiers and supporting soldiers who are deployed forward."

With military sequestration a possibility; we asked how military cuts could affect Fort Gordon.

"The most important thing is to not so much focus on the resources we may not get but how to better utilize the resources we have been given," said Gen. Vie.

Despite the uncertainty of the military's future he is confident great things are in store.  

"Within those challenges there are also tremendous opportunities, sometimes you may have to seek them out a little bit harder at certain times than others; but I'm very optimistic about where we're going in the future," said Gen. Vie.  

Maj. Gen. Patterson tells Fox54 Gen. Vie will meet with the senior general officers in the Signal Corps Thursday as they discuss where they are now and where they're headed.

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