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Commissioners impressed after TEE Center tour


They spent years talking about it. Now they get to see it.

"We've talked about the TEE Center ad nauseam really," says District 4 Commissioner Alvin Mason. "But to actually see the building in place was quite breathtaking to see how beautiful the building is."

Richmond Co. Commissioners, new and old alike, took an in-depth look at the Augusta Convention Center Monday afternoon.


After walking through the 100,000 square foot facility, commissioners say they were pleased with what they saw.

"Everybody appeared to be impressed with the facilities," says District 1 Commissioner-Elect Bill Fennoy. "They're just looking forward to businesses coming to the TEE Center."


And that was the point of the tour says Augusta Riverfront, LLC President Paul Simon, who battled the commission on the TEE Center contract negotiations for months. 

"What I was trying to do is show the quality of what they've agreed to build and have built," Simon says.


And though some commissioners are still unhappy with the way contract negotiations went down, they hope what comes from them is a success. 

Mason is one of those.

"Clearly I had reason not to be happy. We had 10 to 15 modifications to that particular contract," he says. "But moving forward where we're at today, the building's here. I want to see it succeed."

Now, the commissioners say it's time to move forward, and they add they're excited about what the center will bring to Augusta when it opens in February.



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