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Students, alumni and staff choosing new colors and logo for GRU

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The Board of Regents is expected to approve the consolidation of Georgia Regents University Augusta January 8.

If approved, the merged schools will need to make some changes to many things, including signs and merchandise.

So, right now it's out with the old and in with new logos, colors and seals for Georgia Health Sciences University and Augusta State University.

School officials have given students, staff and alumni full control over the new look for the new university.

They have emailed surveys to about 46,000 people, asking them to choose the school colors, logo and seal.

"There are items on here that list MCG and some of our old branding marks which we're going to try to update," said Senior Vice President for GHSU Communications and Marketing David Brond.

The updates include everything from Commencement items to signs and stationary.

As for which of the survey choices will be used, that's in the hands of the people who will work at or attend Georgia Regents University Augusta.

Most of the students we spoke with said they like what they see.

"I like the blue and the gray one a lot more than the blue and the red one," said GHSU student Caitlin Bryan.

Students are choosing between two color schemes, three seals and three logos.

"It's always nice to feel like what you think has an influence on people's decisions," said GHSU Graduate Research Assistant Robert Schleifer.

But some students aren't so sure their voice will be heard after the name, Georgia Regents University was selected after it did very poorly in the polls.

"In the end, I think it's not going to make a difference, it's just you don't expect them to consider your opinion again the second time around," said Evan Grovenstein, who is a GHSU student.

Brond says the school facelift won't cost a cent; but he's expecting it to pay off down the road. 

"It's not going to make a lot of money, but it's actually not going to cost anything. It's going to allow us to appropriately market the university, consistently market the university and actually have a benefit for our students," Brond, said.  

"It's definitely important; I want our logo to be recognizable by people outside the state and throughout the entire country," said Schleifer.

The results from the survey will be in Wednesday and the options with the most votes will be announced Wednesday or Thursday.

Officials don't know when people will begin to see signs carrying the new logo and colors around town.

But they did say to save money; they will use their current supply of stationary until it runs out.

Brond also says folks can expect to see everything electronic, like their web site, to be updated by January 8.

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