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Fort Gordon deployment delayed


The 63rd Expeditionary Signal Battalion deployment ceremony at Fort Gordon was less emotional than usual. Instead of leaving for their mission immediately following the ceremony, the 33 Army soldiers have a little more time to spend with family and friends before heading to the Middle East. 

Fellow soldiers, family and friends crowded the gymnasium. The formal farewell honored guests with flowers and prayers for the Battalion.

Training for nearly six months for this mission, their departure could be any day now.

And in the midst of the holiday season, Cpt. Devon Thomas told Fox54 how soldiers and families are feeling. 

"It is hard and I know there are a lot of emotions going through with that but we are confident that the soldiers and family members are strong and continue to be strong through the Christmas and holiday season," said Cpt. Thomas.  

But regardless of when the time comes, members of the unit told Fox54, they are ready.

"We have done a whole lot of work to get to this point but we are definitely ready," said Sgt. Troy Pitman.

Army officials say it is unclear when exactly the soldiers will depart. The mission is expected to last approximately nine months.

"They are going to be deploying, supporting different units but we are confident that they are going to go ahead and do mission accomplishment," said Cpt. Thomas.



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