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Man fights to keep controversial license plate


Tensions between the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri have made it all the way to the Missouri courts.

Just because Missouri and Kansas don't play each other on the field or on the court any longer, that doesn't mean the border war rivalry is losing any of its steam. In fact, you'll find the latest example of the classic rivalry on the back of a Dodge sports car.

The Missouri license plate MZU SUX is causing more than a few double takes in the St. Louis area.

"Oddly enough, living in Missouri I get more thumbs up and people taking pictures at red lights than I do the bird, but I occasionally get one of those too," the owner of the plates said.

The owner of the plates, who asked to remain anonymous, is obviously not fond of Mizzou athletics.

When he went to renew the plates he discovered someone, possibly a Mizzou fan, had filed a complaint saying his plates were obscene. The Missouri Department of Revenue agreed.

"I don't think any reasonable person would look at the license plate and think that it was sexually orientated at all. It's pretty obvious that I'm using it in fashion that demonstrates my belief that Missouri's athletic program is more subpar than anything else," the owner said.

So he went to court, won the initial verdict, but now the revenue department is appealing

"I'm a big Kansas fan and I don't really care for Mizzou. It's an interesting rivalry and it's unfortunate the Department of Revenue is trying to take it away."

The owner of the controversial license plates is actually a Pittsburgh State graduate and grew up in Independence, KS.

While he's appealing the case, the license plates remain on his car.

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