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ASU professors draft alma mater for new Georgia Regents University Augusta


As consolidation between Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University draws near, one of the many challenges in branding the new Georgia Regents University Augusta is drafting an alma mater.

Two ASU professors were selected to write the melody and lyrics to the song that defines the character of a university. Martin David Jones, a professor of music at Augusta State, was approached by the branding committee.

"Part of the reason I said yes, you know, the chance to do something that might last for a while is kind of intriguing to me," Jones said.

After Martin accepted, he asked Professor Emeritus Jim Garvey to write the lyrics.

"It was a real challenge," Garvey said. "Because this consolidation has not been without controversy. And I was trying to find a way to bring two institutions together."

Since the merger began, controversy over the university's name sprung. Many ASU alum, business men and women and Augusta natives demanded "Augusta" be in the new U name, after it was named Georgia Regents University. Since then, "Augusta" was added to the name, and the branding of the university continued. 

For the past three months, Martin and Garvey have been working to create the school's alma mater, before the two schools merge.

"You either have the inspiration that day," Martin said. "If you don't have it then maybe put that aside for something else. But on a day that's like, ‘Oh, I think I feel something here,' then you should keep your pencil in hand for a while because that's when you'll be able to create something."


Georgia Regents University Augusta will begin its first semester in January.

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