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New Augusta Commissioners share vision for the city


There are four new Commissioners who will soon represent hundreds of thousands of Augustans.

We caught up with the Commissioners elect Wednesday and asked about their visions for Richmond County.

"We just need to continue to work on economic development and making sure our city is in the best possible shape, to bring in businesses, large businesses and small businesses as well," said the Commissioner elect for District 3 Mary Davis.

Not only do the Commissioners have a vision for the region but they're also brainstorming ways to help their constituents.

District 9 Commissioner elect Marion Williams is already looking for ways to solve housing problems at Hyde Park.

"Some of their homes are not built to standards. I'm concerned about that, I want to go over and look at some of the ones and talk with some of the contractors," Williams, said.

There is now a balance of five black and five white commissioners; but they are planning to focus on the issues, not the color of their skin.

Fox54's Mark Barber asked, "There's been a history of voting along racial lines in the Commission. How do you think this will come into play with a 5-5 split in 2013?"

Donnie Smith, Commissioner elect for District 7 said, "It's time for our Commission to grow up and represent all of Augusta and let's put these petty differences aside. I don't see race as being an issue with Commission. We have 10 people that will all be focused on moving the city forward."

The new Commissioners will be sworn in January 2; but they already have big ideas for a big job ahead.

We also tried to contact William Fennoy who will represent District 1 but we were unable to reach him.

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