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BMX riders, skaters weigh in on new Columbia Co. skatepark


For BMX riders like Thomas Cypress, places to ride in the CSRA like the Augusta BMX Park have gotten stale.

"I've been coming here for years, and its kind of getting a little old," he admits. "It'd be nice to see something new opened up."

In a few short months, Thomas will see just that, as Columbia County is preparing to open a new BMX and skate park at Blanchard Woods Park.

He's not alone in his excitement for new areas to ride.

"I travel to Atlanta, Athens, Charlotte, Columbia," says skateboarder Jeff Hall of where he has to go to skate. "To actually have a nice, legitimate, concrete skatepark would be a lot of fun."

Columbia County brought in Pillar Action Sports Development to construct the new facility.

Hall was one of many bikers and skaters who met with the group Tuesday night.

Pillar says they wanted to hear from those who would be putting the park to use.

"This is the locals' track. We want to make sure that the locals get an input on what they're track is going to be," says Pillar President Brad Siedlecki. "They're the ones who are going to be riding it everyday."

Director of the Columbia County Department of Leisure Services Barry Smith agrees.

"Taking bits and pieces from a lot of different people always is good," he says.

For many of the area's skaters and riders, they hope the new park is a breath of fresh air with the type of features that will keep them coming back.

"Being real short, being able to get up to speed real quick," says Cypress of what he wants to see in the BMX track. "Just having clean jumps."

"If they build it right, it'll get used and it'll be a good place," says Hall.

The county says they hope to see the ideas received today put to action.

Smith says the park should be open in about nine months.

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