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Dozens of Augusta residents sign petition to silence church bells

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The ring of church bells is music many people enjoy; but for some residents in downtown Augusta the sound of clanging bells is not music to their ears.

"It was ringing too loud and too late at night and it's disturbing in the morning, ringing too much," said resident Luis Vargas.

Vargas along with 74 other residents at the Maxwell House has signed a petition asking the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church across the street to silence their bells.

"It's like a train bell, that loud," Vargas, said.

The leader of the church, Father Vasile Bitere declined an on camera interview, but told Fox54 over the phone that the church bells were never intended to be a cause for bitterness but of blessing for the community.

Even though the bells are loud, resident Lori Taylor welcomes their songs.

"It's loud as the trains but it's a blessing though, it would wake some people up, hey, you need to wake up," said Taylor.   

Father Vasile says they don't ring the bells late at night, only from 9 am to 5 pm.

Even so, Vargas says that's too much and it's time to sing a different tune, "Only to ring one time and that's it or don't ring at all."

Vargas says they plan to take their petition to the Mayor and Commissioners because they claim the bells are violating the noise ordinance and disturbing the peace.

We'll continue to follow the story and let you know what city leaders say.

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