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ASU nursing students tour new home, still skeptical about consolidation


In just over a month, Georgia Health Sciences University's Health Sciences Building is where Augusta State University's nursing students will call home.

On Thursday, they got a sneak peek at where they would be finishing their education.

After the January consolidation with GHSU, 146 ASU nursing students will begin taking classes at the "Laney Walker Campus" of Georgia Regents University Augusta. 

Before any classes began though, the students were able to get a feel for their new surroundings, getting a tour around the facility from current GHSU nursing students.

 "I think we all remember being in high school and we were first getting in, you know, not being around, not able to know," says GHSU nursing student Mehul Patel. "I think it was very important, so they feel comfortable in this environment, get used to this environment."


"I feel somewhat more comfortable," says ASU nursing student Caitlin Pie. "I've gotten to interact with some of the other nursing students."


Tour guides pointed out everything, from shortcuts in buildings to where to find places to eat.

But even after taking a look around, some of the ASU students still have their doubts about the consolidation.

"I don't know. It'll be a change. I don't know what I think about it yet," ASU nursing student Leslie Carter says hesitantly. "It'll be my very last semester with a whole new campus, so that's kind of weird, but it is what it is."


But ASU faculty are sure that once the move takes place, all those worries will fade away. 

"Once the first week of 'I figured out where I park,' it'll be fine," says ASU Department of Nursing Interim Director Jean Pawl. "It'll be just like any freshman at any campus."


Soon, Pawl says, this new place will be home.

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