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Soldiers say emotional goodbye ahead of deployment

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Staff Sergeant Christopher Castle hugs is young daughter goodbye, her tears falling onto his sleeve.

"I don't think there's a day that goes by that you don't worry," said Graciela Castle, the Staff Sergeant's wife of seven years.

The soldier-and 13 other men and women with the 297th Military Intelligence Battalion are saying an emotional goodbye to their loved ones as they prepare to head overseas.

"I'm a little antsy. I've been getting ready for this for a little while so I'm ready to just get on the plane and go, you know the longer we wait the harder it is on everybody," said Castle.

The soldier,who has seven children with his wife, is no stranger to deployment. This is the third time Castle will leave his family, something he says doesn't ever get easier.

"Oh there's always nerves. Anyone who tells you different is either lying or trying to put on a face," said the soldier.

Nerves not just for the soldier, but for his wife and children, never getting used to seeing him go.

"It's probably the worry, the stress. How am I going to cope with him being gone and raising all these kids by myself?" said Graciela.

The 14 soldiers deploying from Fort Gordon are headed to Afghanistan where they will spend a year providing intelligence in several parts of the country.

"No I don't really think I'm a hero. There a lot of people all over who do different jobs and each of them are important in their own way. I don't think necessarily that what I do is any greater than what they're doing," said the Staff Sergeant.

"I'm very proud of my husband. I'm proud of him, his accomplishments, everything he's done. he's a good man, good husband, good father," said Graciela.

A humble soldier who may not see himself as a hero, saying goodbye to the loved ones who believe he is.

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