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Fighter and 'son' face new battle together


Stevie Dement is a force to be reckoned with and these days the world class kick boxer isn't training for a bout in the ring but a battle of a different kind.

"Several months ago I overheard a story, told by a friend of mine," said Dement as he sits by the edge of the pool at the Augusta Aquatic Center. 

A story about a triathlete, taking his handicapped brother through an entire race. At that moment, Dement knew he would do the same, competing with 22 year old Corbin McKenzie, who he says is like his son.

"We're not blood but we might as well be. He has cerebral palsy and he's 100% disabled," said Dement about Corbin. 

Months ago, when Dement told Corbin, the 22 year old says he was ecstatic.

"I felt awesome. I never really had a father figure growing up, so I'm excited to do it with him and we're in this together," said Corbin. 

Dement swims, bikes and runs, preparing for the big day with the boy who inspires him to keep going.

He is a special one of a kind individual and he has been trapped in that chair his entire life," said Dement of the reason why he plans to take Corbin along. 

Before the athlete is allowed to bring Corbin along during a race he has to compete in several triathlons proving he is physically fit enough to do it.

"Well it's funny because for years and years I've been a fighter and when I made the transition to start working on these triathlons I was like it will be a piece of cake, but I was absolutely wrong," said Dement with a laugh. 

The fighter isn't the only one training. Corbin has his own tough workout in the gym but for him, obstacles are nothing new.

"There's really no hard part to any part of my life. It's a challenge and I confront it just like I do every other part of my life," said Corbin about preparing for the race. 

This challenge, one the pair is preparing to face, together.

"You know, I know it's a big deal to him, but I'm telling you right now I get more out of it," said Dement. 

To learn more about Dement and Corbin's story and how you can give back, click here.

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